Information and Consent

Thank for your interest in downloading the guidelines for involving people with mental health issues in heritage projects.

It is important for us to understand who is interested in these guidelines, how organisations intend to use the guidelines, and the impact of these guidelines on the provision of projects. We are also interested in understanding when adaptations have been made to the guidelines and why.  Helping us with this is entirely on a voluntary basis and you don't have to complete the questionnaires to download and use the guidelines. 

What is involved?

To collect this information, we are asking you to complete a series of questionnaires now, in 6 months, and in one year. We will ask you for your consent to take part at the beginning of each questionnaire and you can change your mind at any point before submitting your responses. You will also have the option to save a draft of your questionnaire and finish it later.

What will happen with the information I provide?

Your contact details will be known only to the research team and will be kept on a password protected database. We keep this information so that we can contact you again when it's time for the next questionnaire.

The answers you provide will be used to determine the impact these guidelines have on the provision of heritage projects. While you will not be personally named in any documentation, you should note that your organisation may be named in reports we write about the impact of the guidelines. We also may use quotes from your answers as evidence of the impact the guidelines have made. These reports are likely to be publicly available. 

If you do not wish for you or your organisation to be named we will ask you to for a way we can describe your organisation instead (for instance, a charitable organisation).  At the beginning of each round of questionnaires we will ask your permission to use the information you provide and you can choose how you would like to be referred to. 

Who is conducting this work?

This work is being carried out by the team who developed the guidelines. More information about the team can be found here: and you can contact them at if you need further information.  

A note on ethics committee review

Although this is not a research study, we'd like to reassure you that the work has received approval from Solent University Ethics Committee. If you have questions about your rights as a participant in this research, or if you feel that you have been placed at risk, you may contact: the University Ethics Committee,


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